The Value of iTunes U

Remember when a trip to the school library for research meant hours in the reference section?  Preparing reports or learning about a subject was time consuming, and most of the time was spent gathering research.  The Internet has made getting this type of information easier than ever, and iTunes U has opened the college world to anyone with a connection to the World Wide Web.

Once again, Apple is leading the way when it comes to integrating technology and education.  Their revolutionary iTunes U is worth a look, especially if you are a student or an education professional.  You can even find out how to host your own iTunes U site when you access their webpage.  Just look for the link at the bottom of the page.

iTunes U contains thousands of free lectures from some of the most prominent colleges and universities in the world.  You can also access language lessons and audio books.

iTunes U promises to revolutionize education.  Take some time to check it out!

How do you think iTunes U could benefit you?


About Kerry Palmer

I am the Head of School at Trinity Presbyterian School in Montgomery, Alabama. I also conduct the Sanctuary Orchestra at First Baptist Church in Montgomery. I enjoy reading and blogging about leadership.
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