The Beauty of Evernote

The dullest pencil is sharper than the sharpest mind.  I have heard my pastor say these words many times.  In fact, he practices what he preaches.  I have seen him take reams of notes while listening to people speak.  Wouldn’t it be great to have one place to store all of these notes? Evernote may just be the solution!

Evernote is an incredible application that is available for just about every computer and hand held PDA or smartphone out there.  It provides you with one place to store notes, clips from the web, photos, recordings, and tons of other stuff.  The fact that it syncs with multiple devices on the cloud makes it a must for me.

I use Evernote, a free app,  on my Macbook, iPhone, and iPad.  Just yesterday, I took notes at a conference on my iPad while simultaneously recording the conference session.  Now, when I look over my notes, I can actually hear the speaker at the same time!

I still have a lot to learn, but here is how I am currently using Evernote.

Notebooks and Tags for Organization

I create notebooks and tag my notes, thus organizing them into categories.  Some categories I use in my line of work include “Administration,” “Student Issues,” “Meeting Notes,” etc.  Within the tags, individual notes are automatically organized by date, making them easy to find.  Think of it as a simple filing system.  Finding notes is easier than ever!

Blog Post Ideas

I am currently keeping a running list of blog post ideas, by category, in Evernote.  I can jot down an idea anywhere.  All I need is my iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, and you can bet that one of these is with me at all times.

Classroom Visits

I use a Google form on my iPad to record data from my classroom visits as a principal.  However, I use Evernote to record just who I need to see in a day.  I check them off as I go, then refer to the document as a reminder of who still needs to be seen.  Again, the list is with me where ever I am.


There’s really no telling what else I will discover in the coming weeks.  I have only been using this application for about a month, and I still have a lot to learn.  However, I can tell that Evernote is something I will grow to depend upon more and more in the future.

I invite you to check out Evernote’s website.  You might just find that you can’t live without this app either!

What other note-taking/productivity apps do you use?


About Kerry Palmer

I am the Head of School at Trinity Presbyterian School in Montgomery, Alabama. I also conduct the Sanctuary Orchestra at First Baptist Church in Montgomery. I enjoy reading and blogging about leadership.
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