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The Beauty of Evernote

The dullest pencil is sharper than the sharpest mind.  I have heard my pastor say these words many times.  In fact, he practices what he preaches.  I have seen him take reams of notes while listening to people speak.  Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Introduce Yourself to FlyLady

For many of us, the most chaotic part of our life is our home life.  We may have tasks completely under control at work, only to have things at home in a tail spin.  To-do items don’t get done during … Continue reading

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Effectively Using a Task List

“I’m busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger!”  I’ve heard that expression many times, and I’ve felt that way more times than I care to remember!  What about you?  Do you feel overwhelmed by everything on your plate?  A more important … Continue reading

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What You Do Speaks So Loudly . . .

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.”  How true!  Whether we realize it or not, we are always communicating.  However, we may be sending our … Continue reading

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How I Plan to Spend My Spring Break

As an educator, I always look forward to spring break.  It comes at just the right time and provides an opportunity to catch one more big breath before the race to the finish line.   How should I best spend … Continue reading

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